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Point of Sale Configurations

The POS system can be installed in the following configurations:-

Stand Alone POS Terminal

Single stand alone terminal with all the relevant data files in that one system itself.
Multi User POS Terminal

Multi terminals in one location without any linking to each other.

Multi terminals in one location linked to each other using a network system like Novell.
Modem Diskette
Terminals in many locations/outlet each of which may be in any configuration as per above and link to one computer system in headquarters via modem or using diskettes for data transfers.

Networking In all of the above configurations, the AcePos System can be set to online or offline update. Online update is where each issue of a sale is immediately updated to the Stock System and other systems integrated to it if necessary whereas offline update does not do an immediate update but rather wait for user to initiate an update sequence given in the system.

Master System In an outlet with more than one terminal, you can either have all the terminals linked up via a standard networking link, one hardware system will have to be set as the master system and the other as the slave system. The master system shall be used to control the stock balances whereas the function of the slave system is purely to capture the daily sales transactions. At the end of the day or whatever time period required, the POS data can be copied over the master system and updated there in order to obtain the latest stock balances.

In the situation where there is a network link, the user may still set the following options :-

Slave System All terminals are online update where each sales transaction is immediately updated to the stock and other systems. This method of updates gives the user the most up-to-date information on all sales activities but this has disadvantage of making the system very critical should one terminal fails and cause a hang-up in the entire network system which can make every terminal inoperable depending on the situation.

Sales Transaction All terminals are offline update where each terminal merely captures all daily sales information and the end of the day, the individual terminals daily sales are exported via the network to the server system where an update can be done to obtain the latest sales and stock information.

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