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Point of Sale Details

Superior in Performance
AcePos (Point of Sale) is designed to capture all POS information for management reporting.  Even with a large volume of retail information stored in the system, reporting is FAST to ensure superior performance.

Easy to use
The entire system works mainly with one screen only which make the system easy to use. Keystrokes are minimised in order to ensure speedy input so that the operator need not learn so many keys. hot keys can be assigned - this is where one keystrokes can represent a series inputs, again saving time. Popup windows are available everywhere during the operation to assist the user.

AcePos has many flexibility which makes it more adaptable to many types of retail operations.

- Normal retail operations or Food & Beverage (F & B) operations.
- Choice of 4 sizes of sale slip - can reprint immediately.
- Print items on sale slip immediately or after confirmation during input.
- Automatic or manual sale slip number.
- Unit selling price - changeable or fixed.
- Decimal places for unit selling price selectable.
- Promotion table available for automatic correct discounts.
- Pay by cash, credit card or accountholders.
- Changeable local currency type. Payment in foreign currency acceptable.
- VIP or member's discount available.
- Can use bar code scanners.
- Password control for different user levels. Promoters' commission report.
- Daily stock control sales report.
- POS transactions report with full details.
- Peak hours sales report.
- Cashier's collection report.

Additional features unique to F & B operations:-

- Table numbers and items ordered keyed in advance.
- Sharing of tables/Change in tables allowed.
- Service charge and tax automatically calculated.
- Print bills first - additional orders possible.
- Inquiry on unpaid bills available.
- Print selected orders on second printer for faster service.

AcePos is integrated to the Stock Control System and has an option to
integrate to a POS Members System which in turn can be integrated directly
to the General Ledger System. If POS Members System is not in use, general ledger accounting system entries are automatically given in a summarised report form.

The Stock System gives you instant stock balance control, analysis of top sales, top profit items, stock movement analysis, stock to re-order, stock take forms to assist in stock taking and a stock variance report showing which stock items are not balanced with the computerised Stock System.

The POS Members System allows your retail outlets to capture relevant information of your customers which you can use to plan your marketing strategies to encourage them to patronise your business regularly; like sending informative leaflets for future products and giving discounts to regular customers. You can choose to have account holders using this POS Members System. Credit card accounts can be created to capture all card charges and a statement will be produced for reconciliation.

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