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The Ace Pos (Point of Sale) System gives the user more flexibility and advantages as compared to a normal cash register. It is very easy to use once you have mastered the function of the keys. Although it costs more as compared to an ordinary cash register, the benefits to be derived from the system far exceeds its costs!

Point of Sale Cash Sales

The computerised Malaysian made Point of Sale software system (POS) that will help you :-
  • Control your daily cash.
  • Know your stock balance.
  • Increase your profits.

Under the POS system, the following reports are available:
  • Daily Sales.
  • Peak Hours Sales Analysis.
  • Sales Analysis.
  • Spending Analysis.
  • G/L Link Accounts.
  • Credit Card/Cash Analysis.
  • Cancelled/Return bills.
  • Voucher Analysis.
  • Sales tax.
  • Pos Transactions.
  • Cashier's Collection.
  • Member's Index.
  • Promoters' Commission.
  • Promoters' Sales.
  • Departmental Sales Analysis.
  • Discount.
  • Service tax.
  • Table turns.

You can choose whether to integrate the Ace Pos system to a POS Members System and Stock System. The Members System will actually allow you to operate account holders who may charge their purchases to their own accounts and from this database of your customers, you can do sales campaigns. You will be able to integrate directly to the General Ledger System with inclusion of the POS Members Accounting System.

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