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The POS system can be installed using an ordinary Personal Computer (PC) with an ordinary dot matrix printer or using a specialised POS terminal printer. Most specialised POS hardware systems are actually micro computer systems wrapped in specially designed boxes that assists in the daily POS operations.

  • 80486 Central Processing Unit
  • 4 MB RAM
  • 1 x 120 MB hard disk drive
  • 1 x 1.44 Floppy disk drive
  • 9" (small) Paper white SVGA monitor
  • 1 keyboard
  • 2 x COM serial interfacing ports
  • 1 x parallel printer port
  • 1 x 9/24 pins dot matrix printer
  • 1 cash box
  Malaysia Point of Sale System

Optional Items

  • Barcode printer - if you are using bar codes
  • Barcode hand held/desktop scanner
  • Customer display unit
  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)
Ace POS (Point of Sale)
Barcode Printer Scanner

Specialised Hardware

The basic requirements for specialised hardware equipment will be the same as above. However, the printer and keyboards may be different; the keyboard may be one with multiple programmable keys. A programmable keyboard is one where you can assign to individual keys, the code for stock items most commonly sold and depressing one key alone will enable the system to input the full code automatically, thus saving time on keystrokes! The printer may be a journal/slip printer which can either print a journal or a slip or both using tally rolls commonly used in cash registers.

A customer numeric display for the customers to see what prices are being input at any moment in time and to display the cash received and change to be given in return.

Cash Box Hardware

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