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An integrated accounting system that gives you Superior Performance and yet is Easy to use and Flexible. Ace POS is suitable for any type of retail operations such as supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, bar, night clubs ranging in size from the smallest to the biggest.

  • Complete user's guide with online F1 help key.
  • Simple single page main menu showing all available options. Pull down menu also available.
  • Easy installation procedure. Multi-users (networking version).
  • Each module categorised into 5 simple sections of Maintenance, Posting, Enquiry, Report and Others.
  • F5 key activates the 'pop up' window to allow fast and easy search with bar selection.
  • Each module can be run on a stand alone basis or integrated.
  • Strong security password system with supervisor definable rights of use for unlimited number of users.
  • Unlimited number of terminals for multi-users version.
  • Clear and concise audit trails.
  • User definable screen colors.
  • User can go backwards or forward easily on all input fields.
  • True view on screen feature for all reports.
  • All screen enquiries by code or name.
  • Multi Lingual - Can run in English or Chinese mode.

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